A Combined Daily Online Discount Coupons and Leaflet Campaign to drive traffic to 450 supermarkets.

The Objective

The main objective was to send traffic to El Arbol's 450 supermarkets in Spain.

Discounts were tailored to the target market of each store, which meant that a preliminary geomarketing study had to be undertaken.

This study included 2 main steps to understand:

Where their customers were coming from

Where their main competitors were located

In order to develop a new distribution strategy


The Campaign

More than 30M leaflets were distributed every year,

To continue on our path of "continuous improvement", Traycco appointed one Key Account Manager to be the main contact person for El Arbol.

The Results

"The most important aspect of the project is that we are now in control of the number of leaflets distributed every week.
We also have a fast turnaround to any unexpected situation and flexibility in our communication"
This experience has been very positive and the results are extremely encouraging Patricia Donate Marketing Director