The Objective

The "Discovery Days" campaign's objective was to reach relevant customers within catchment areas of the Kultajousi stores and convince these potential prospects to purchase gold jewelry. 

The Campaign

A million catalogue was distributed to Finnish households via SSM unaddressed mail. 

In Finland, Kultajousi offers its jewelry range via a total of 82 Gold Spring Elegance and Kultajousi-stores.

Their catalogue is the main pillar of their Marketing efforts and it is published and distributed to households around Finland 6 - 8 times a year. 

Kultajousi offers a loyalty program and are very proud of their existing 460K loyal customer base. 

The Results

The impact on the sales was imminent, over and above all other media. Sales increases ranged from store to store, but the average increase was almost 10% during the period.

"The catalogue is the cornerstone of our marketing efforts. It is the most cost-effective and profitable channel to promote sales" said Tomas Nyberg, Kultajousi's Marketing Director