A creative campaign combining unaddressed direct mail advertising and action marketing

  • The media (unaddressed direct mail) is rather new to this type of company
  • Normally they use traditional advertising and in-store marketing

The Objective

  • Introduction of a new product
  • The product – a 5 dl milk carton with screw cap
  • Skånemejerier was the first to use this package solution on the Swedish market
  • Target group: Single's households

The Campaign

  • Chose to try unaddressed direct mail advertising in combination with action marketing, rather than traditional advertising and in-store marketing
  • The publication – a cut-out milk bottle made out of cardboard similar to the actual product
  • On the back – an offer to bring the publication to the store and exchange it for the real thing – a genuine milk bottle with screw cap
  • Distribution – 50.000 households in districts with a high level of single's households – by selection the right areas for distribution high target group penetration was achieved
  • In the store – action marketing people from our sister-company (SDR Action People) assisted to handling out the actual milk bottles
Skånemejerier logo

The Results

  • Sales doubled during the week of the campaign
  • After 5 weeks – sales were still 60 % higher than prior the campaign
  • The product gained better placement in the stores
  • Even stores that hadn't participated in the campaign had many requests from their customers
“We are very pleased with the result, which was well over our expectations”