The Objective

The key objective was to drive uptake in the new channel through Sky Sports or HD subscriptions in both acquisitions or through upgrades from current customers.

The idea at the heart of the strategy was to bring to life the full TV experience through story telling.

The Campaign

Segmentation and modelling of the current base was reviewed along with research and insight to similar Sports campaigns.

The base was split into key groups based on their level of enthusiasm for the F1.

Two creatives were developed to engage and resonate with each audience aiding their decision for purchase.

The Results

The engaging helmet creative was significantly more responsive than the A4 format, providing incremental sales of 32%.

Overall the door drop generated a strong response almost 50% higher of any historical Sports or HD campaigns.

Conversion was also strong with over 35% of new customers taking out the offer and an additional conversion of 22% from existing customers upgrading to a package that included F1.

"This was an exciting launch for Sky adn we wanted the door drop to have a creative approach to convey this, with instant standing out on the doormat" Belinda Worrell, British Sky Broadcasting