A sampling campaign to introduce Vanity Fair to a receptive audience in an innovative fashion

Vanity Fair case history

The Objective

  • To increase product awareness in targeted areas
  • To improve subscriptions and boost sales in news kiosks in the campaign area
  • To test door drop rather than traditional advertising

The Campaign

  • ‘Toc Toc’ which translates as ‘Knock Knock’
  • Milan chosen for test as most fashion-conscious city in Italy
  • Targeted to women, 25-45 years old, medium to high income with an interest in fashion and reading
  • A copy of the magazine was delivered in an elegant shopping bag with an leaflet incentivizing subscription

The Results

  • News kiosks in the area where the campaign was tested showed a significant increase in demand
  • Subscriptions increased in the period following the door drop activity
  • The campaign was repeated in the other main towns of Italy
  • Received the Silver Arrow prize in the Publishing and Media category in the Assocomunicazione Awards