• A creative campaign combining press, in-store sampling and .com activity.

The Objective

Vimto wanted to increase traffic to specific Tesco stores where the No Added Sugar Variant (NAS) does not perform as well.

The Campaign

Based on grocery catchment around selected stores and defined target market weighted towards households with children, who go online at least once a day.

TNT developed a 2 stage / 2 day distribution, where on Day 1 a bespoke Vimto branded bag was put through the consumer's letterbox with instructions to leave the bag outside the following day.

On Day 2 if the consumer has opted in, he receives the sample and also a 30p coupon towards their next purchase.

TNT distributed 22,000 full size bottles of Vimto NAS.


The Results

Opt-in rates for the initial stage of the campaign adn back end analysis were carried out by Dunnhumby at 2 time increments - at 15 weeks post campaign (Stage 1) and 30 weeks post campaign (Stage 2). This was done to show the medium and long term effects of the sampling campaign.

The target opt-in rate was 35%.

The actual opt-in was 39% and outperformed the base of 35% by 11%.

At Stage 1 (15 weeks) those were the top-line results:

Doordrops were the most effective at driving incremental spend

Doordrops helped switch shoppers from normal Vimto to NAS and from small size bottles to larger bottles.

At Stage 2 (30 weeks)

Doordrops continued to increase incremental sales at household level at a factor of 2.15:1 versus the results at 15 weeks

Units sold between Stage 1 and Stage 2 evaluation also increased dramatically at a factor of 2.25:1

The coupon produced excellent results with spend increasing by 7:1 and coupon redeemers spending 40% on the brand versus the control

Coupon redeemers also had a high level of repeat purchasers almost double the repeat purchase versus the control group.