Founded in 1994, WEBER ESCAL d.o.o. is the first private Croatian company which specializes exclusively in the distribution of unaddressed promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures, catalogs and samples. Since 2007, Weber Escal is part of the Austrian Post Group and is proud to enjoy a very healthy 70% market share.

With 47 distribution centers and a team of 1,200 distributors, we have the capacity to deliver over 1M leaflets on a daily basis either in very specifically targeted areas or across the entire Croatian territory.

Our mission is to provide our customers the best value for money through superior service, precise targeting and guaranteed distribution quality.

Our teams are rigorously trained on how to perform the distribution, how to deal with customers’ complaints and how to embrace new regulations. They are reachable via mobile phone at any point in time, which allows us to continuously track the progress of our clients’ campaigns.

Our Services

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Free Newspapers, Samples, Post it Notes, Coupons
  • Door hangers, Bags, Unlimited Creative Design
  • Field marketing

The quality of our distributions is strictly monitored through our controllers who follow our teams of distributors in the field. We also offer our customers the option to jointly control the quality of the distribution via a visual backcheck and telephone survey.

In order to further improve our quality and minimize overcrowded letterboxes, we have launched a new project called “Plastic tubes”. The usage and delivery of plastic tubes to households across the country will ensure that customers receive their promotional advertising material in a neatly arranged bundle, that it is protected from all weather conditions.

With increased awareness in the protection of the environment, our parent company and owner the Austrian Post Group helped us to transform our corporate culture and fleet of vehicles into a more environmentally friendly one via the introduction of green electrical Kyburz vehicles, which run maintenance‑free on lithium batteries. In fact, the Austrian Post received at POSTEXPO 2012 in Brussels the award for the best environmentally friendly company.