2015 was the year that across Europe digital advertising expenditure exceeded the money spent on TV advertising for the first time. It was also the year that ad blocking went mainstream with an increase of 35% in usage across Europe. These two facts illustrate that there was a considerable mismatch between the behaviour of marketers and consumers with respect to digital advertising.

In this context the resilience in our numbers suggest that there is still a significant role for cost-effective channels with a proven track record of delivering performance and Doordrop media is the only print media channel to have increased its advertising spend in the year.


1 March 2017: ELMA publishes today a six year analysis of European door drop media spend and usage across 21 countries and 183m households. Over the six years from 2010-2015 media spend has increased by 1.2% to €4 bn and usage to 108 billion items in spite of a recession during that time and increase in the use of digital advertising.

From the most recent figures available to the end of 2015 Norway increased the number of door drops from 29 to 31 per week and so did other countries such as Croatia increasing from 11 to 13 and Hungary increasing from 10 to 12.

Households in The Netherlands continue to receive the highest number of door drop items in Europe increasing by one to 35 per week.  Irish and Romanian households continue to receive the lowest number per household at 2 per week. The average number of items received by households across Europe dropped to 11.  

The largest volumes by country in 2015 continued to be Germany (28,100,000,000m), France (21,537,000,000m), The Netherlands (10,500,000,000m) and Italy (7,200,000,000m).

During 2015 Northern Europe allocated the greatest percentage of advertising spend for door drop with Finland at 6.8%, followed by Denmark and Norway (5.1%), and Sweden (4.9%).

The lowest allocation of media spend on door drops was in Ireland at 0.8% followed by Slovakia (1%) and the UK 1.2%.  The average allocation of advertising spend to door drop across Europe was 2.5%.

Commenting on the research findings, Mark Davies, ELMA President and Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media, said:

The justification of our place in the marketing mix is a daily task so a significant amount of work has been undertaken to make Doordrop Media fitter for purpose in today’s world. Better integration, better targeting, better measurement, the better use of data and a better overall understanding of today’s customer journey and the role that Doordrop Media plays in it are all solid reasons why clients are investing more.

The full report is available to purchase as a PDF for €299. For more details, please email mark.davies@elma-europe.com

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