When it comes to distribution, we are the professionals that more and more businesses turn to.

The follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of actions of Door to door distribution, is one of the elements critical to the success of our clients' campaigns.

There are different methods, adaptable to the specific nature of each advertiser or campaign, accredited techniques for the postal industry, and carried out by each ELMA member's internal services or specialised external entities.

Our backchecking methodology involves both an Internal and external validation process:

  1. Internal validation: usually includes several backchecks per month
  2. Validation via GPS system: Each distributor carries a GPS which can provide a real time snapshot of the campaign eg exact position of the teams, average speed and progress of the campaign,distance or area already covered.
  3. External resources can include joint audits with the client and independent surveys from GFK or Nielsen or other independent consumer research entity

This information enables us to provide daily / weekly report on quantities delivered, percentage of the completed distribution, listing of streets and areas covered by geomarketing, missing quantities, etc...

All ELMA members guarantee a minimum quality standard of 90% perfect distribution and we invite you to visit each member's country page to find out more information about your specific country.