As a follow-up to our “Today we eat sausages” campaign, in collaboration with LaRobben, Netwerk VSP has developed a door to door guidebook that loosely translates as “Everything you need to know about door to door”. The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the effectiveness of advertising leaflets.

The “sausages” title refers to the fact that what the Dutch household will be eating today is often determined by the leaflets that end up on the doormat. Advertisers, advertising agencies and marketing specialists are invited to boost their knowledge via an online knowledge quiz. The guidebook can also be requested on the website featuring the knowledge quiz.

This promotion has proven successful too: the MarketingTribune (issue 16, 2011) has a glowing review of this book. The review closes with the line “We don’t stop and consider that, in spite of the move towards individualisation, we still make our purchases to the rhythm of the letterbox.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.