MEDIAPOST International and SOGEC Marketing – subsidiaries of the French postal operator La Poste – have chosen BD myShopi’s platform for the launch of their digital activities in France as well as in three other European countries. 

The myShopi promo and shopping app and website have been used for years by hundreds of thousands of Belgian consumers. myShopi’s promo platform features exclusive brand coupons, shopping lists, promotional leaflets and digital loyalty cards. Since 2011, the myShopi app has been downloaded over 600.000 times in Belgium and 4.6 million times worldwide. Internationally, the app was limited to a digital shopping list only. From now on, the entire digital promotional platform is made available on an global scale through licensing, allowing third parties to commercialize the platform under their name.

MEDIAPOST International (distribution of unaddressed mail) and SOGEC Marketing (French leader in promotional marketing) are the first clients to market the myShopi platform, covering France, as well as Spain, Portugal and Romania. For the French market, SOGEC launches the app under the name QUOTY, using myShopi as the underlying platform while taking care of all B2B and B2C sales and marketing aspects. The platform, as well as the service will still be managed by the myShopi team and the original B2C proposition “save, facilitate & inspire” will be preserved. The consumer promise of QUOTY: “QUOTY is your guide for your every day shopping – always and everywhere –  with its straightforward services and its digital solutions for smartphone, tablet and website.”

Bernard Plé, General Director at MEDIAPOST International, accounts for their collaboration with myShopi: “By starting from a market ready app and website, we benefit from all the myShopi features, without facing large investments and development costs. We can immediately address the right target group with a solution that has already proven to be technically solid.” Also, MEDIAPOST and SOGEC take over the consumer base of Plan Courses, the French version of the myShopi app that has acquired more than 1,5 million downloads in the last few years.

Since the acquisition of the myShopi app in 2014 by BD (Belgian Distribution) – which meant the official launch of BD myShopi for all B2B activities –  there has been a continuous focus on innovation. For Geert Schoenmaekers, CEO of BD myShopi, the international commercialization of myShopi emphasizes the omni-channel strategy of the company. “The fact that the myShopi platform offers real value to consumers has clearly been picked up by similar companies in other countries. myShopi has proven to be the perfect omni-channel solution for unaddressed businesses as well as for digital operators aiming for consumer activation. Thanks to the similarity of local market requirements, we will be able to launch the promotional application in more countries in the near future.”

By collaborating with the French companies MEDIAPOST and SOGEC, both part of Groupe La Poste, BD myShopi confirms its loyalty towards her omni-channel vision on communication: all parties agree that paper and digital solutions go hand in hand.