A comment by Alexander Haub, Head of Quality Management at prospega GmbH.

The mailbox is a wonderful place that holds surprises every day. Whether it's important information, the daily newspaper, mail from friends, a postcard from vacation or mail from the tax office: some mail makes you happy, but all of these items are useful in some way. For me, this is especially true of advertising direct mail, which I use on a regular basis. Incidentally, this is also the only product that I can actively ban from my mailbox. A sticker is enough. Unfortunately, this does not yet work for mail from the tax office.

The pros and cons of unaddressed direct mail

On June 2nd 2021, a panel of experts in a virtual discussion on the benefits of direct mail in Germany. You can watch this discussion at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwKs_6ZnCy8.

Retailers in Germany consider the unaddressed advertising brochure to be the top advertising genre.

Why? Because advertising effectiveness is proven anew every day. Advertising cancels itself out if it is not successful. Brochures regularly trigger the run on articles of the trade every week.

Does only the retail trade profit? No, not just retail, the spectrum of advertisement in mailboxes has expanded in recent years and public agencies, clubs, associations, churches and event organizers are choosing to use this unique way to inform citizens.

 Why are we discussing about consent for the delivery of unaddressed information?

One reason throughout the 95 minutes, is the disagreement on the interpretation of statistics and the different definition of representative surveys. Certainly not suitable or meaningful is the online survey brought by the initiative "last advertising" on the offline topic "is mail advertisement desirable from the citizen point of view*?". 76% of the online users from the survey do not want advertising leaflets.

However, there is a clear demand for advertising using this market, especially for advertising brochures. The professional partner for advertisement and marketing, Prospega GmbH, as well as the entire, turnover-strong trade, experiences daily, how strong mail advertisement is demanded by the end-consumer. Not only as a decision-making aid, but for a good feeling; That I am in good hands as a consumer.

 The value of the mailbox! Free information for all!

In his legal assessment, Prof. Dr. em. Hans-Peter Schwintowski sums up the significance of the letterbox in a spectacularly unique way: "(The letterbox) is really the invitation to (the delivery of) information of a general nature" (from minute 13:22, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwKs_6ZnCy8).

The mailbox is the only free channel, open at all times and accessible to everyone, for delivering information of any kind.

 Ecologically Sustainable and a Role Model in the World - Paper Production, Insert Printing and Advertising Distribution

Here are a few facts from the dialog, which speak for themselves:

- 80% of all brochures distributed in Germany are made of recycled paper

- The European timber industry is comprehensively committed to sustainability, the advertising brochure supports this sustainable forestry by purchasing wood for the paper industry - the advertising market finances parts of the cost-intensive deforestation throughout Europe

- The most modern printing center for inserts in the world is located in the Federal Republic of Germany inaugurated in 2017 by then Federal Minister for the Environment.

- Only a few brochures still have long logistics routes. Digital printing has brought regional established print shops to the market. Printing takes place close to the distribution site.

 Offline advertising mail - still opt-out

As a responsible citizen, I have every right to stop the delivery of unaddressed information. Here, there is a common consensus between me, as an exemplary end consumer, and all distribution service providers who fulfill their responsibility to observe my ban on advertising to my mailbox - should I ever decide to affix this sticker.