The Objective

Using community detection insights, the Whistl team was able to identify where consumers were talking about the brand in the real world. In behavioural science terms, these community conversations are 92% more likely to result in a sale compared to any other type of advertising, because people trust recommendations from people they know.

The data showed that customers in areas with strong Abel & Cole communities spent 10% more on average than those in areas without them. The campaign targeted these locations, with door-drops as the performance activation channel.

The Campaign

Abel & Cole used its control envelope creative, the best-performing format across the brand’s print media channels.

The key creative door-drop media principles included in the creative were:

  • Can the recipient see immediately what they were required to do on the outer?
  • Do they have to read through the whole letter to find out what to do?
  • Does the copy connect with visuals?
  • Does it include one or more ways to respond?

A strong offer was used, giving £30 savings across the first three shops. This meant new customers would benefit from at least three boxes, thus more likely to become a long-term customer.

The envelope was purposely bold using the yellow brand colour, and included the offer in a roundel, as well as the hero fruit and vegetable box image. A TASTE2023 QR offer code and the customer postcode aided measurement.

The Results

Abel & Cole benefitted from response up to 10 weeks after the door-drop hit targeted homes.
198 new customers were recruited from the door-drop, exceeding the target.
There were 538 QR code scans, an exceptional scan rate of 0.17%.