The Objective

• Increase brand awareness among potential customers
• Drive more bookings and reservations from first-time cruisers
• Differentiate the brand from competitors and highlight its unique offerings

The Campaign

• To drive traffic online, Princess Cruises used a highly targeted creative doordrop campaign, with
a QR code leading prospects to a user-friendly website. Implementing a targeted
marketing strategy using doordrop media, highlighting the cruise experience.

The Results

Increased Bookings - The targeted approach led to a noticeable increase in bookings from first-time cruisers.
ROI and Revenue Growth - The strategic campaign yielded a favourable return on investment and contributed to overall revenue growth, with ROI’s of over £20 for every £1 spent
• The doordrop was interacted with 3.4 times (JICMAIL)
• The creative stayed in the home for an average of 5.33 days (JICMAIL) increasing visibility and opportunity to purchase from Princess Cruises as well as drive brand awareness
• What this tells us is, with a highly targeted, high-quality multi-page creative, Princess Cruises were likely to achieve 1,753,382 interactions or impacts from just 500,000 doordrops.

" Whistl helped us reach the right audiences at the right time. The objective for our doordrops was to reach households with a high propensity to buy from Princess Cruises, highlighting the importance of modelling, and profiling. However, creative is just as important, and a multi-page creative delivers physical, sensory experiences with positive cognitive and emotional impacts on consumers. We consider statistics and evidence that highlights how 60% of consumers say they enjoy sitting down with multi-page creative’s and reading them in their own time."

"We ensured that the creative was visually appealing, easy to understand and communicated our message effectively, using high-quality graphics and images to capture attention. We included a strong and clear call to action using a QR Code, telephone number and a vanity URL telling our audience what we wanted them to do next."

"The results speak for themselves!"

Rachel Willows, Manager, CRM & Insights, Princess Cruises UK & Europe