"Natural and fresh food has become a great need and longing for people living in the big city today." Taze Direct and Delta Post joined forces to set up a sampling distribution in Turkey. 

The Objective

Delta Post was due to deliver fresh foods i.e fruits via a brown paper bag that the distributors would hang on consumers' doors. The bag also contained an exclusive discount coupon from the City of Humanity and certified by the Turkish Quality Service Approach Body. Delta Post first needed to identify consumers who have moved from the countryside to the city and also arrange the warehousing and packing of these fresh fruits. 

The Campaign

During 4-Day Distribution, The Migros / Taze Direct Customer Service team kept on receiving Thank You E-mails, Social Media messages and posts from urban families the message was always the same i.e consumers were made to feel part of the Migros family like employees. 

The Results

In turn, The Delta Post Customer Satisfaction Team never experienced such a positive level of response and Migros was extremely pleased with the results.