With a 10-year experience in the field of design, production and distribution of promotional printed materials, MAILBOX serve the largest number of customers across Bulgaria.

Our mission is to deliver a fair and sincere service to our customers. With this in mind, we continuously improve our business control and staff motivation, methods of distribution, communication with clients, planning and optimization of the cost of campaigns, best practices improvement, introduction of modern technologies for management and control.

The company MAILBOX has a network of distribution door drop distribution in all regional centers and all smaller towns where our customers´ stores are located. We can distribute any day of the week.

Annually we have delivered over 85 million items, we have covered 2 million Bulgarian households in 48 cities, distributing 7 days of the week.

Our staff consists of 17 design and printing specialists and 153 delivery men. We have worked with 115 companies, including 21 big retail chains.

Over the years, we have partnered with many companies of diverse sectors: large technology and sports retailers, drug stores, supermarket chains, government structures and NGO.
MAILBOX plans, implements and controls the overall process of preparing, printing, transportation and distribution of printed promotional materials. This saves customers time and money by organizing all the processes.

Our Services

Our main services include:

- DOOR DROP DISTRIBUTION: Our distributors are trained and motivated. They specialize only in door drop distributions. We also implement a three-tier system to control the distribution;

- PHOTOGRAPHY, PRE-PRINT and PRINT SERVICES: The pre-press unit can shape and create the layout of big and bulky brochures with hundreds of commercial products rapidly. We maintain an effective, convenient and traceable communication with our clients during the editing of brochures in the pre-printing process. We choose the appropriate printing technology, paper quality and price according to the client and follow the whole process of organization, printing, timing and delivery of the finished products.

- ALTERNATIVE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: Our company is the only one in the Bulgarian market offering a wide mix of distribution channels: door drop distribution across Bulgaria, inserts in the national press, distribution in the Sofia subway, hand distribution in busy city areas, distribution at the cash registers in large stores and kiosks;

- TRANSPORT SERVICES:  The logistics team is able to plan, organize and implement within 24 hours simultaneous delivery to all distribution cities.
We always achieve the difficult balance between low prices, high quality and short deadlines. Our rich experience, scale and constant striving for perfection makes possible to offer customers  seemingly impossible services.