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1330, Avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière
13592 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
Stéphanie Grodard
Marketing and Product Communication Manager

Adrexo is the leading French private operator in door-drop advertising withover 25,000 customers. Adrexo covers the entire French territory that is to say 26 million letterboxes, thanks to its 120 regional sites and 20,000 employees. Door-drop advertising is a very powerful media for advertisers as 70% of French people read at least 7 leaflets per week (source = Balmétrie 2015).

Adrexo offers a full range of solutions to its customers : from ideation / creation, printing, geomarketing expertise as well as complementary cross-media solutions through its consumer website and application Promodeclic, direct marketing platform and event Agency.



Our Services

Door to door advertising brochures, leaflets, free newspapers and catalogs combined with geomarketing expertise (geographic, socio-demographic, lifestyle data...)  as well as a cross media service including emails, sms and hand to hand distribution.

  • Adrexo Print : Exclusive conception and printing service
  • Adrexo Link : Exclusive undercover for a premium campaign to optimize visibility.
  • Digital services : Online leaflet edition via Promodeclic website and application, Email and SMS marketing.
  • Event communication : street marketing, in-store events,sample distribution, ...

Adrexo's experts improve global efficiency of promotional leaflets' campaigns : advice, media plan, targeting and geomarketing, graphic conception, impression and digital edition, logistic and transport, quality and distribution's  deadlines. Adrexo offers "turnkey " solutions and answers communication's problems in order to optimize return on investment for its customers.