Founded in 1979, Walter has established itself as the door-to-door agency with a cutting edge whose driving force and theme is " Be Direct, Be Different and Be Successful".

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Over the last 35 years, Walter has continuously extended its range of services within the door-to-door medium and pioneered the launch of one of the most advanced geomarketing tool which highlights German households figures by town and region via a dedicated website

Walter Werbung GmbH

120 permanent employees, approximately 600 regional supervisors and 12,000 distributors are responsible for the delivery of more than 1.3 billion items each year.

To set new trends and industry standards in the market, Walter combines innovative ideas with tradition and quality. With every new brief we receive and every new customer, we explore new avenues to create for our customers pieces that will raise the attention of decison makers and trigger purchases. 

So let us show you our true colours and the path to successful and cost effective campaigns.

Our Services

  • Walter Werbung offers retailers, service providers, agencies, customers and advertisers the following range of services and unique solutions:
  • Customised client service solutions and commitment
  • Cutting edge targeting expertise
  • Door drops with total coverage, ring and leave, outdoor sampling promotions and market surveys 
  • Sorting and packing
  • Creative design from planning to distribution and through quality measurements