Being the largest provider of letterbox marketing services for the past 19 years, Citipost is also the only company licensed by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission to offer "alternative postal services".

By applying two state-of-the-art tools for mapping and processing geodemographic data (GIS & GPS), Citipost is the only company in its field whose Quality Management System has received the EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Our integrated network, top-notch technological infrastructure, flexible strategic planning, expert knowledge and exclusive representation all over Greece makes us the perfect link between thousands of businesses and Greek families.

Utilising the power of direct marketing to its maximum potential, we provide a wide range of specialised services that cover our clients' particular communications needs, whether they are directed at a particular demographic target or a nationwide campaign.

Our tried and trusted methods are based on sound statistical data, the creation of a strategic plan and of course the implementation of monitoring tools as to ensure the greatest possibe acceptance and return on investment.

Our Services

  • Door to door distribution
  • Free newspapers
  • Sampling (Knock and wait, knock and drop, Door drop)
  • In-store Promotions
  • Field marketing
  • Database marketing

In order to solve the mystery of backchecking, Citipost has developed and implemented a back-checking system based on:

  1. Telephone backchecks
    We have a test panel of over 17,000 households across all the major cities within Greece.
  2. Supervisors
    Permanent members of staff in each regional office all over Greece monitor on a daily basis the quality standards of the distribution.
  3. Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS)
    Our unique GIS system allows us to find out in real time here the distribution is taking place.

Combining GIS information with our GPS tracking allows us to display our distributors' routes on digital maps and track in real-time the beginning and end of each round as well as the exact position of each team.

With Citipost, you can be sure that whatever your needs are, whoever your target market is, your documents will be in safe hands and on their way to Greek consumers.