89 Leontariou street,
15351 Kantza-Attica,

Smartboxx is the largest Greek Letterbox company with 20+ years of experience and expertise. We reach 3,500,000 households throughout Greece. We visit every household 5 times per year. 

We have a large fleet of vehicles to meet your needs

We are the only company in its field which simultaneously applies two top tools of mapping and processing of geographical and demographic data ARC GIS of ESRI and GPS system as well as the standard application of real time distribution control SOYOS

We are also certified with Quality Management System ISO9001:2015

We have a General and Special License from Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ. which enables us to become an “alternative mail”
We are selected as a member of ELMA (European Letterbox Marketing Association)

Our Services
  • Distribution in Mailboxes
  • Door-to-door Distribution
  • Tailor-made actions according to customer needs 

Bell ring, Waiting & Forwarding / Distribution inside and outside the store / Hand to hand / Fixed Points & Cars

  • Press Distribution
  • Sampling (Knock and wait, knock and drop, Door drop)
  • Direct Mailing
  • Merchandising
  • Subscriptions
  • Free newspapers
  • In-store Promotions
  • Field marketing
  • Database marketing

In order to solve the mystery of backchecking, Smartboxx has developed and implemented a back-checking system based on:

  • Telephone backchecks
    We have a test panel of over 17,000 households across all the major cities within Greece.
  • Supervisors
    Permanent members of staff in each regional office all over Greece monitor on a daily basis the quality standards of the distribution.
  • Modern Technological Infrastructure and Action-Quality Management Tool

Smartboxx, as a leader in Direct Marketing services, uses SOYOS®, a new application via internet and mobile phone, which uses new technologies to optimize the services we provide to our customers.

The use of SOYOS® in a distribution ensures effectiveness in:

  • Design
  • Management
  • Monitoring/Control(live)
  • Export of Reports
  • The use of demographic data and digital maps embedded in the software to optimize its performance

With Smartboxx, you can be sure that whatever your needs are, whoever your target market is, your documents will be in safe hands and on their way to Greek consumers.