CityPost is the largest independent postal services companies in Ireland, and the low cost provider for Post & Parcel Delivery & Collection.

CityPost has been quietly delivering to in excess of 2 million letterboxes in Ireland for over 26 years. We have hundreds of delivery persons in Ireland and have delivered the Irish phone directories and yellow pages to all homes and businesses for the last 14 years in all of the urban and non-urban locations in Ireland. In fact, we have the largest delivery network outside of An Post in Ireland.

Now, we deliver your business post and not only that, we can "barcode scan it as we deliver it through the mailbox" to give your business comfort and security as you avail savings of up to 20% with delivery completed in net 3/4 days as an average.


Our Services

We provide all the core mail handling operations of a full postal service and we offer a range of low cost options for non-time sensitive deliveries. We can manage all business requirements and are equipped to handle every major postal category such as letters, parcels and publications as well as international mail.

Unaddressed material can be delivered on its own via our Solus service, shared with other leaflets or via our newspaper inserts services.

Other services include:

  • Sampling
  • Field marketing
  • Print
  • Database management