Delivering over 65% of the 6.7 billion unaddressed items distributed in the Netherlands each year, Spotta is the long-time market leader in the door-to-door delivery in the Netherlands. With more than 23,000 distributors, Spotta's main product is the delivery of a sealed bag containing the most popular Dutch leaflets and catalogues.


Spotta is a fully owned subsidiary of PostNL. A specialised value added services team supports retailers in optimising distribution plans by combining more than 500 consumer profiles and quantitative analysis of data derived from loyalty cards and sales conversions but also from other sources such as football traffic analysis and travel distances to specific catchment areas.

Distribution quality is standard and in excess of 96% (as verified by Intomart GfK every week) and firmly implanted within the company's DNA through regular audits and certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS and Investors in People.

Since 2011, Spotta offers its customers fully carbon-neutral distribution. All distribution related CO2 emissions are compensated through Gold Standard certificates issued by Climex.


Our Services

Our core business is to manage the complex logistics necessary to give you the opportunity to communicate most effectively and accurately with your clients and prospects.

We can help you pinpoint your target market via the following distribution methods:

  • Standard distribution (Monday through to Tuesday)
  • the digital leaflet platform of the Netherlands (Web and apps)
  • Door to door distribution at specific retail moments of the year such as Easter, Mother's Day and Christmas
  • Distribution of coupons
  • Distribution of samples
  • Analysis - databases or geo-demographic

Spotta specialises in getting to the right consumer in your store via our multi-channel (door-to-door, website and app) platforms. 

We help you pinpoint your target market very accurately. 

With selected partners, we have built a database system (containing lifestyle, demographic and socio demographic data et...) based upon not only our experience and know-how but also the most advanced techniques. 

This provides you with the ideal combination of advanced marketing techniques plus the service of a reliable door-to-door and online provider which turns leads into a highly effective campaign. 

With our experience, products and industry knowledge, we are the right parnters for your direct marketing needs.