PostMaster (formerly Kolportaż Rzetelny) first established in 1999, has been owned by the Austrian Post - a leading provider of logistic and postal services operating in over 10 European countries since May 2012. This unique combination of experience and knowledge of the Polish market coupled with quality, standards, and the influence of the Austrian operator guarantees us a leading position in this market segment (i.e 36% market share for unaddressed mail)

Based on an infrastructure of 80 regional warehouses, 52 branch offices, 4,000 distributors and 40 permanent employees, PostMaster covers the entire Polish territory and offers its clients complex solutions from advertising concepts through design services to the printing and delivery of advertising materials.



Our Services


Door drop distribution / back checking / Validation / Geomarketing / Targeting / Logistics / Free newspapers


Addressed mail / Database management / Door hangers / Field marketing / Post it notes / Plastic bags / Print / Sampling / Semi addressed List distribution / Welcome flyers

We take the greatest pride in our clients' satisfaction and guarantee the highest level of distribution quality in Poland.

Based on a uniform organizational structure across all of our our branches, central management and distribution centers, PostMaster have indeed developed a quality control system that enables us to supervise all distribution processes in real time. This quality control or HERMES- our very own dedicated system - is a 24/7-process backed by the latest technological advances.

HERMES ensures the distribution of advertising materials is controlled at every single step of the process and fulfills the requirements for ISO 9001:2008.