The  main service that Direct Mail Company AG provides encompasses delivering printed advertising material (eg brochures, catalogues, customer newsletters, etc...), product samples and other publications to all Swiss letterboxes that belong to private households or companies interested in receiving advertising.

When defining a delivery area, the smallest possible unit you can select is a single area based on postal codes. Delivery is effected in line with uniform quality standards and compliance to these standards is continually monitored.

For more than 50 years, Direct Mail Company AG has been active throughout Switzerland and Europe in the distribution of direct mails and is now able to offer the full service of an experienced and ISO certified direct marketing business.

The company has around 250 permanent employees and 5,000 distributors.

Our Services

Our range of services covers all your unaddressed direct marketing needs, from planning and design to direct distribution of:

  • Free newspapers, samples, post-it notes, coupons 
  • Email, QR codes etc.
  • Full campaign analysis

Direct Mail Company AG provides to its clients other services such as:


Is a cross-media advertising platform which is delivered twice a week to households throughout Switzerland. With a circulation of 1,4 million copies, readers can look forward to valuable information on local entertainment and latest offers from suppliers.

Direct Mail Logistics

In line with individual cusotmer requirements, the specialists at Direct Mail Logistics offer tailored, attractively priced and environmentally friendly, holistic logistics solutions along the entire supply chain.

Direct Mail Informatics

We develop and implement software solutions in the fields of subscription management, production planning, direct marketing and delivery for publishing companies, printers and delivery organisations.

We have branch offices located in Baar, Kriens, Berne, Biel, Chur, Morges, Mezzovico and Zurich. 

Our logistics center is based in Niederbipp.