2016 saw the continued recovery of European advertising budgets after the economic downturn with (according to Group M) a 4.2% increase on 2015 spend. Digital budgets increased over the same period by 12.2% and once again traditional print media – direct mail, press, magazines – all experienced declines. So doordrop media’s increase of 2.6% in terms of media spend means that once again we are the most resilient print channel in the marketing mix.


22 November 2017: ELMA publishes today its seven year analysis of European door drop media spend and usage across 21 countries and 183m households. Over the seven years from 2010-2016 media spend has increased by 8.2% to €4 bn and usage to 100 billion items in spite of an economic downturn and rise in digital advertising.

​The doordrop media remains resilient as part of the marketing mix and part of the reason for this resilience lies in the way the channel continues to innovate with the development of online doordrop platforms across many markets; media currencies for doordrop to provide advertisers with new insight into the reach and frequency of this channel; increased personalisation of advertising material allowing consumers in some countries to be able to choose which items they receive in advance and also a better understanding of the role that doordrop media plays in the integrated marketing mix.


The largest volumes by country in 2016 continued to be Germany followed by France,The Netherlands and Italy.

During 2016, Scandinavian countries allocated the greatest percentage of advertising spend for door drop with Norway at 9.7%, followed by Finland (6.4%) and Denmark (5.3%).

The lowest allocation of media spend on door drops was in Ireland at 0.8% followed by Slovakia and Switzerland 1%. 

Commenting on the research findings, Mark Davies, ELMA President and Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media, added:

In the UK, some meta analysis of the Direct Marketing Association’s Award Winners over the period 2012-2016 revealed that those campaigns which included doordrop were 43% more likely to demonstrate an increase in new customer acquisition and were 22% more likely to report an increase in overall sales. Strong statistics that underscore our position in the acquisition media hierarchy..

The full report is available to purchase as a PDF for €299. For more details, please email mark.davies@elma-europe.com

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