2018 promised a lot. It was the year of GDPR which was supposed to establish a level playing field for direct and digital marketing by overhauling prevailing data privacy legislation in all EU member markets. May 2018 was notable across Europe for the blizzard of emails and other marketing communications from brands desperately seeking marketing permissions yet after the dust settled on this, things appeared to revert to type. The perception is that the tech giants paid little heed and carried on regardless. Doordrops definitely benefited in some quarters from some new or returning budgets as a result of GDPR but the impact of this legislation was lower than had been forecast. Meanwhile Google and Facebook continued to swallow up ever increasing amounts of marketing budget and we might need to wait for the new ePrivacy regulations being drafted in Brussels for real impact to be felt.

23 December: ELMA publishes today its 9th year analysis of European door drop media spend and usage across 17 countries. 

Doordrop Media is still strong in spite of the increase in digital budgets.

Total door drop volume across 17 markets is estimated at 96 billion items in 2018

Total door drop media spend across 17 markets is estimated at €3.9 bn in 2018


The largest volumes by country in 2018 remained the same as they were in 2017 i.e Germany followed by France,The Netherlands and Italy.

During 2018, 2 Scandinavian countries allocated the greatest percentage of advertising spend for door drop with Finland at 6.4%, followed by Denmark (5%) and then Austria (4.7%).

"Overall we find the doordrop channel is in relatively robust health. Small decreases across volume and spend metrics still mean that we are out-performing all other print media as the declines in circulation of newspapers and magazines in all markets herald steeper declines. The enduring performance of our channel enjoyed by advertisers across Europe ensures I remain confident that we will be a channel that will grow again in the coming years." commented Mark Davies, ELMA's Chairman.  

For more details about our Census Report, please email mark.davies@elma-europe.com

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