2017 found the Doordrop channel in rude health attracting 9.5% more marketing investment than it did in 2016. This is an outstanding performance for a print media channel at the time that digital spend outside of Google and Facebook began to decline. It was also a year when advertisers began to ask awkward questions about their digital marketing performance. Marc Pritchard of P&G made his landmark speech at the IAB Global Conference in Florida which heralded a drastic cut in that advertiser’s digital spend. Issues of viewability, transparency, attribution and fraud circled in both the marketing press and occasionally in the national press.



17 December: ELMA publishes today its 8th year analysis of European door drop media spend and usage across 21 countries and 183m households.

Doordrop Media has made a clear come back amongst other media in spite of the increase in digital budgets. Volumes are back to what they were in 2010

Total door drop volume across 21 markets is estimated at 105 billion items in 2017

Total door drop media spend across 21 markets is estimated at € 4.5bn in 2017


The largest volumes by country in 2017 remained the same as they were in 2016 i.e Germany followed by France,The Netherlands and Italy.

During 2017, Scandinavian countries allocated the greatest percentage of advertising spend for door drop with Finland at 6.5%, followed by Norway (6.2%) and Denmark (4.9%).

The lowest allocation of media spend on door drops was in Ireland at 0.8% followed by Slovakia and Spain 1% and then Bulgaria and the UK at 1.1%. 

Commenting on the research findings, Mark Davies, ELMA President and Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media, added:

So did 2017 herald the return of proper integrated marketing? Will common sense prevail? Our resilience in retaining and growing the investment coming into the Doordrop channel plus the growing perception that in the context of new customer acquisition, Doordrops will be more useful to advertisers in the future than they have perceived them to be in the past, certainly gives our industry some reasons for optimism...

The full report is available to purchase as a PDF for €299. For more details, please email mark.davies@elma-europe.com

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