We reach The Right Customer At The Right Time

FK Distribution completed its first door-to-door distributions in 1965. Since 1972, operating under the name of Forbruger-Kontakt, we have been the largest private distribution company in Denmark. As of December 2010, we changed our name to FK Distribution. We have approximately 360 people working in our 6 office branches located around Denmark and 2 terminals in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

FK Distribution offers door-to-door distribution of unaddressed advertising brochures and newspapers to some 2.2 million households every week in Denmark. We guarantee a focused handling of our customers’ brochures – and help them reach the right consumers at the right time.

We provide a choice of 2 weekly distributions - midweek and weekend. Weekend distribution is our primary distribution period, however we also offer midweek distribution, along with the local newspapers.

We carry out street level distribution all over the country, whilst of course respecting households that do not wish to receive advertising material by displaying a  “ No Thank You” sticker on their letterbox. (approximately 45% of letterboxes)

All advertising material is being packed mechanically in our two fully automated terminals in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Pre-packed brochures are transported to each distributor, who subsequently delivers them to the Danish households. FK Distribution employs some 10,000 distributors – primarily young people under the age of 18.

Our Services

FK Distribution offers a wide range of products and services, all for the purpose of creating an efficient and cost effective communication to the Danish households, i.e:

  • Standard door-to-door distribution of unaddressed advertising brochures and newspapers
  • Cameo – Targeted door-to-door distribution of advertising brochures
  • Front Page – all brochuress to each individual household is pre-packed and delivered in a wrapper
  • Geomarketing – optimisation and geolocalisation of target audience
  • Direct Mails - distributions according to an adress file
  • Consulting Services

FK Distribution is privately owned company and a subsidiary of North Media A/S.